Since childhood Theo had the dream to travel the world, choosing later on an itinerant life for years. Has lived outside Brazil for three years between Asia and Europe, having contact with new diversified musical and cultural influences. 

     In 2015, in Thailand, shared his time between Pai (northern village) and Koh Phangan (southern island), where during twelve months, has performed over 300 times. Also produced the music therapy project ‘Sensorial World Journey’ in yoga centers at the region, offering a world music-guided meditation, inviting musicians from different parts of the globe to play along.









    Back to Brazil in 2017, founded in São José dos Campos, SP, the Coletivo Quitéria, group that produces cultural events with local artists, dancers and musicians. Their main event ‘Linha de Frente’ has already had 6 editions, presenting three to six bands, many performances and expos, and average public of 200 people per event.



     Still in 2018, joined the arab music project ‘Gurbah’, founded by the Syrian trio Yara Osman, Adel Alloush and Hasan Alherek, playing guitar, clarinet and accordion. The group makes modernized rereadings of classics from the Arab world, other than authorial songs with the same idea.





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In Malaysia, Theo graduated from the Foundation in Communication course at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and still in southeast Asia, started his career as a musician and producer. With collaboration of the local production company The Stereo Folks, released the videoclip of ‘Tão Tão Distante’ and his first solo album, ‘A Little Story’.


Middle 2016, Theo produced himself a busking tour through the European summer, where he played and traveled for three months cities in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain. His authorial work was always well received by the public, making it possible for him to travel the 10 different cities he has been.

Got selected on the first ETHNO World Brazil (project from Jeunesses Musicales Internacional). Organized by Projeto GURI, had as one of its musical leaders the world music master Gabriel Levy. The 25 musicians chosen formed an orchestra with the most diverse instruments in less than 10 days, and performed in 4 different cities, being the last concert under the famous MASP in São Paulo. 

In São Paulo, in 2018, put together the drummer Ramon Reis, bass Arthur Mizutani and trombonist Luigi Bonocchi to begin the ‘Theo Miss & Banda’ project, which playing his compositions on a band format has already played at events from Adidas, Parley and CPTM (São Paulo’s metropolitan train company). Theo acts as musician (guitar, accordion, vocals), composer, arranger, producer (representative, press material) and artistic director.

Late 2018 won among over 200 bands as the Best Street Band in São Paulo in the 1st Street Music Contest Toca Aí. Theo & Band got the maximum score and was invited to play live at the national channel TV Gazeta. 

Early 2019 the band released it's single 'Yallah!', recorded at La Cocina studio from Dudu Marote. The great infra-structure brings the live feeling to the recording, which is available in all digital platforms. 

Em 2019 produziu e realizou a 'Yallah Tour', turnê de dois meses com mais de 30 shows ao redor do Reino Unido. O público respondeu bem, colocando a Inglaterra como um dos países onde a banda tem mais ouvintes.


Theo now lives and performs around the world, also works with composing and arranging, using his great variety of instruments and sometimes also electronic elements in Logic Pro and Ableton. Has already worked with soundtracks, jingles, rereadings and electronic music productions.

Berçário by Erica Mizutani

© 2018 by Theo Mizutani

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